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Discover our immersive Virtual Reality MMORPG set in a visually stunning Open World, inspired by the five elements of nature and Feng Shui principles. Engage in a complex storyline with unexpected twists, character advancement, quests, and the opportunity to earn real rewards through gameplay.

Regular updates introduce new adventures and deepen your understanding of the lore, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience. Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey that's as rewarding as it is engaging, featuring realistic VR graphics and a compelling reward system. Utilize VR Tokens for in-game purchases and progress.

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Everyone becomes a creator

In the Victoria VR Metaverse, your avatar is a reflection of you. Enjoy the freedom to customize your character to match how you want to be seen. Dive into an extraordinary level of freedom, allowing you to tailor every aspect of your character - from face, body shape, and avatar type, to even embodying unique characters. Experiment with an extensive selection of clothes and accessories to perfect your look. The only limit is your imagination, so unleash your creativity and craft a persona that's as wildly original or authentically you as you desire.

victoria’s regions



The Wood region consists of a forest landscape with towering sequoia trees. Inspired by architecture from Kyoto, the capital city of Asugea coexists with nature instead of overtaking it, following the Japanese inclination towards harmony with the natural world and its elements.


The Fire region is the beating heart of the whole island, characterized by its distinct pyramidal architecture and triangular structure. The main city Naria was formed when the Red Phoenix sacrificed himself to save the world from environmental catastrophe. The region glows with powerful energy, characterized by the Phoenix’s strength and inclination towards renewal.


The Earth region’s capital city is called Akamua, and it is nestled between eight mountains. The city looks as if it is from a fairytale, with stone houses hanging from the cliffside. The region was once terrorized by demons until a man known as the Sage forced them into the castle dungeons. However, he is still fighting to prevent them from escaping, and the player is invited to join him on this quest.


The Metal region’s populous and industrial city, Emeria, was built underground as the air above was too polluted. It was ruled by an oppressive regime until a woman known as White Tiger sparked a rebellion and became the new leader. She rebuilt the area with environmentally friendly machinery, and humanity slowly returned to the region.


The Water is located north of the Victoria Island. Its main city Cordellia was once an underwater ship that emerged from the sea. This specific location was chosen as it was home to the Bagua Mirror, an object that protects the city from evil forces. The ship was converted into a modern city, representing the element’s wave shape in the fluid and organic architecture of the buildings.

Wood regionFire regionEarth regionMetal regionWater region

Guardians of Harmony

Each region is protected by a Guardian who symbolizes the core characteristics of their Feng Shui element. These entities exist in order to help all beings that live in Victoria and maintain harmony between all elements. They may become enlightening sources of knowledge as you navigate your way through the regions.



Daigo background

Deep within the forest lives the Wood Guardian, an ethereal and vibrant entity that represents the spirit of growth and rejuvenation. Daigo possesses the ability to nurture life, heal, and commune with the spirits of nature. Their connection to plants and the natural world fosters harmony and maintains a Feng Shui balance.


Azar background

No one else could possibly embody the Fire element like Azar, a fierce being who radiates passion, creativity, and a drive for change. The Guardian of Fire has an incredible power: they can wield flames which serve as a tool for both destruction and creation, emanating heat to whoever crosses their path. If you ever have the privilege to come across Azar, they will inspire the creativity and passion within you that keep the Fire region ablaze.


Tugu background

Ever since the beginning of time, Tugu has stood tall and unyielding like the mighty mountains, protecting the Earth region. Grounded and patient, they seek to nurture and protect all living things. Their presence shapes the landscapes of Victoria and heals the wounds of Earth's turbulent past.


Sovann background

The people of the Metal region have always looked up to Sovann for guidance. They are a master of their craft, with the impeccable skill to forge weapons and tools with precision and beauty. Sovann pushes society forward, with an innovative and structured mindset which characterizes Metal's everlasting reach into the future. You can recognize them easily as they are armed with metallic armor with intricate designs, and you can always rely on them to provide you with the strength you need to fulfill your quests in the Metal region.


Kai background

Kai is the spirit and guardian of the Water region. Graceful and fluid like the gentle flow of a calm river, they care deeply about maintaining balance with their soothing and healing aura. If you happen to encounter Kai, they will provide you with a sense of emotional clarity and stability, connecting you with the ever-calming atmosphere of the Water region.

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economic possibilities

Big market

The Big Market is your go-to marketplace in Victoria VR's Historic District. What started as a modest oasis has flourished into the premier trading hub of our virtual world. At The Big Market, players have the freedom to trade all kinds of in-game NFTs. It's a bustling center for buying and selling goods and services, where you can also set up or participate in auctions and tailor deals to your preferences.

VR token utility

Victoria VR tokens are the essential currency for all transactions and purchases within the Victoria VR Metaverse. The VR AI Builder lets anyone easily create their virtual worlds, linked directly to the VR blockchain solution. VR tokens are the fuel of the VR ecosystem, fostering creativity and connectivity.

We reward our community by returning 50% of in-game asset sales revenue to the VR Rewards Pool, ensuring the rewards are limitless. This pool supports active users and VR stakers, encouraging continuous engagement with the Victoria VR world.

At the same time, VR tokens are used for voting on DAO that decides about the future of Victoria VR.