Welcome to VICTORIA VR

The first Massively Multiplayer Online Blockchain based Open World built and owned by its users with Photorealistic Graphics in Virtual Reality, the dreamed place, where you can do absolutely anything, and get rewarded for everything!

Virtual Revolution

VICTORIA VR is a blockchain based world built and owned by its users.

The whole world is built to be a universal platform for all virtual realities, games and decentralized applications, collectively creating a METAVERSE – a shared virtual realm where people are free to do absolutely anything.


Play games, complete quests, trade goods, get unique assets, buy VR Lands and create anything you can imagine; or just explore the world full of adventures and user content! You get rewarded for everything you do!

Next-gen Avatars

Create your own realistic avatar with the most detailed customization ever. There are over billions of various combinations. All avatars can express emotions and with various animations can show your mood or reactions.

Revolution in NFTs

The NFTs in VICTORIA VR are not only just rare decorations, but there are NFTs that will actually have a real use case or that will bring you highly epic advantages (gives you superpowers or produce more VR tokens for you).

You can also modify your assets (NFTs), combine them, or even create your own assets (NFTs)!

The Big Market VR

The Big Market VR is the best 3D marketplace for all NFTs. Thanks to virtual reality and 3D space, you can trade and explore NFTs like never before. All 2D NTFs are converted to 3D objects for another added dimension.