The VR Token is the currency of Victoria VR

Users will be able to use their VR Tokens to buy:

  • VR Land Auctions
  • NFT's
  • Resources
  • Goods and services
  • Clothing
  • Tickets
  • Courses (lessons)
  • Documents
  • Art

Key Highlights

  • A token with real utility 
  • Passionate community who share our vision
  • Proven and Well-Tried VR Platform for Future Generations 
  • First Class development team
  • Strategic business partnerships 
  • Limited number of tokens 16.8b 
  • Tokens will be listed on exchanges after the main sale
  • Bridges to other blockchains (i.e. BSC)


Staking your tokens is similar to depositing them in a high interest savings account.

When you decide to stake your tokens your funds are held in our platform for a year and will be used to help our network to grow and succeed. As a reward for staking you will get a return of 20% p.a.

Victoria VR will be a self-sustainable economy where Creators, Users and Investors are fairly rewarded for:

You will be able to get VR tokens by:


  • From our limited Token Sale
  • On an Exchange (out/in-game)


  • Items they have created
  • Items in The Big Market VR


  • Golden Tickets
  • Dynamic Staking


  • Completing Quests
  • Exploring the World
  • REAL Airdrops
  • Competitions
  • Votes
  • Reviews

The rewards of VR will motivate the community to create the most appealing and entertaining and desirable content including games, applications, or lectures as quickly as possible.

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