Acquire your own piece of digital real estate

VR Lands are classified as NFT's and their amount is limited (pre-defined).

VR Lands can be obtained at auctions or from other players. Auctions will start one month after being listed on the Exchange Platform.

Each VR Land has a fixed maximum building height. Directly adjacent VR Lands can be combined into one and thus increase the maximum height of the building.

The owners of the VR Land have absolute power over the VR Land.

Register for land auctions

VR Lands can be used for:

  1.  For the Construction of: 
    • Utility buildings directly in the game (mines, warehouses, etc.)
    • Buildings for presentation (shops/stores, showrooms, etc.)
    • Private buildings (clubhouses, private enterprises, etc.)
    • As a portal to another world, game or virtual reality
  2. To Harvest and Extract Resources
  3. To Rent to Other Users
  4. For Speculation

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