The tokenomics we have designed before was good for the game and also for cryptos. The problem was that everyone was just looking at 168b VR they were still counting with a fully diluted market cap. They didn’t even read Whitepaper, so they didn’t know that most VR tokens would be locked. They hadn’t realized that this supply would be in circulation after many years.
We made this decision after weeks of discussions with all our partners, advisors and brand new very experienced crypto space strategic partners. This decision makes early buyers of VR token very happy, and we still have a lot of tokens for users, that will build the Victoria VR.
We solved the problem with the practicality of VR token divisibility by having an internal calculator (something like exchange) in Victoria VR for instant conversion of anything from a dollar to a VR.
The decision that you can buy a max $2000 of VR tokens is because we want to create a huge community. We want to give a chance of buying to everyone. Not just some big whales.