VR Token Sale

Where can I buy the VR tokens?

You can buy them here: https://presale.victoriavr.com

What currencies do you accept?

We accept BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, USDT or payments with a credit card – USD, RUB, EUR, GBP, AUD (using Indacoin).

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of purchase?

Yes. The minimum purchase amount is $45 and the maximum is $2000.

When can I withdrawal the purchased VR tokens?

You will be able to withdrawal your VR tokens after the main sale ends, right before the exchange listings. Until then, you can stake them with a few clicks directly in the presale platform. The reward is 20% p.a.!

Is there a KYC process?

Yes. We are using Sum and substance KYC solution – it is fast, easy and without any errors! It takes around 5 minutes to pass it.

What will happen with the VR tokens after the presale?

After the presale, unsold VR Tokens go to VR’s Reward pool.

How long the stake VR tokens will be locked?

Before the Victoria VR world launch, the staked VR tokens will be locked for one year with the reward of 20% p.a.

Can you un-stake your staked VR tokens?